Tres Palacios River Water Quality Monitoring

Thanks to a generous donation from the Trull Foundation the MBF is now collecting water quality data using a new digital handheld YSI water monitoring device. We are sampling and archiving data collected at 3-4 sites that extend from Danevang to Carl Park near Palacios. This is a great opportunity for youth or adults to get involved in an effort to ensure watershed and estuarine health. We hope to expand our efforts to include Carancahua and Turtle Creeks in the near future. If you're interested, please contact us!

There is Something Fishy in Texas - The Matagorda Bay Foundation Takes Matagorda Bay to Central Texas

The Matagorda Bay Foundation and the Austin Public Library have spent the last 3 years entertaining and educating central Texas youths about Gulf coast ecology and the connection between Austinites and their coastal neighbors. Working in partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), Coastal Fisheries Division, MBF staff take examples of sharks, rays, fish, and crustaceans, collected during routine TPWD coastal monitoring, to different Austin Public Library branches for a "show" event that always leaves a lasting impression with all attendees. If you are interested in hosting a similar event, please contact us for details.